0.6-2.4m Dryer Gear Ring



Agknx Group is one of the specialized experts in producing and machining all kinds of large size gear ring, straight gear, bevel gear, inner gear, sprocket, and other standard or non-standard special gear rings.

The gear ring can be used for rattler-drying machinery, rolling coating machine, disk granulating machine, concrete mixer, concrete mixer truck, ball mill, rotary kiln, cold slag machine, mining equipment, sand washing equipment, and refining equipment, etc.

Technical parameter of the Dryer Gear Ring:

tooth numbers:11-700

model: φ0.1-8m in diameter

tooth height: 2.25-9.mm

material: No45. steel

tooth surface hardness: hard

tooth width: 20-1500mm

outline shape: column gear ring

tooth trace: spur gear

application: all mechanical fields

Technical requirement for the Dryer Gear Ring machining:

1. All machined outer circle and inner hole surfaces, 2×45 degree edge blunting

2. More than one times annealing treatment during welding, ensuring deflection into the least

3. After annealing to shot blasting treatment, paint undercoat anti-rust at non-machining surface, and then do do finish machining

4. After finishing all machining, paint finishing coat anti-rust at non-machining surface, and anti-rust grease at machining surface.

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